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    Enjoy this archive of past feature web pages (and video links) since 2010 (with bonus older footage from 2003-2009).

    The Café hosed the poetry open mic and feature show weekly (at 5115 North Lincoln Ave. in Chicago, just south of Foster). In 2012, Gallery Cabaret hosted this poetry open mic and feature show (at 2020 North Oakley Ave. in Chicago) on every other Wednesday.

    Below is a listing of all performers we have recordings of from the Café in 2010 and 2011 (listed in order from most recent to oldest recordings).

    Because there are years of poetry performances in this collections, you can jump to the year on this long page by clicking no the year below.

 at Gallery Cabaret 
 at Gallery Cabaret 
 at Gallery Cabaret 
 at Gallery Cabaret 
at the Café
at the Café
at the Café

the Cafe Gallery     (Also note that if audio tracks are available in these links, they are most likely mp3 audio links. If other audio files are listed as available, all Macintosh .aif files, Linux .au files and Windows .wav files are low resolution versions of all of the poetry readings available. The only CD quality versions of these audio recordings are in the available mp3 files. Also, for video performances where the entire open mic is not recorded: the host usually videotapes intros to each open mic in addition to features, but those intros are only linked on the regular Janet Kuypers pages.)

Cag Gallery logo Gallery Cabaret, 2015

the 6/124/15 Don Hargraves feature, and
the 6/124/15 Deborah Rosen feature, and
the 6/124/15 Lucia Blinn feature, and
the 6/24/15 Lucia Blinn feature and Deborah Rosen feature AND the poetry open mic

the 6/10/15 Jason Noah feature, and
the 6/10/15 poetry open mic

the 5/27/15 Roberta Miles feature,
the 5/27/15 G.P.A. (the poetic unsub) feature, and
the 5/27/15 Roberta Miles AND the G.P.A. (the poetic unsub) feature
the 5/27/15 poetry open mic

the 5/13/15 U.K. poet Oz Hardwick feature,
the final 5/13/15 Wes Heine feature, and
the 5/13/15 poetry open mic

the 4/29/15 Paul Ryan feature, and
the 4/29/15 poetry open mic

the 4/15/15 Susan Moss feature, and
the 4/15/15 poetry open mic AND the Susan Moss feature

the 4/1/15 Sid Yiddish feature, and
the 4/1/15 poetry open mic

the 3/18/15 Tom Roby feature, and
the 3/18/15 Tom Roby feature AND poetry open mic

the 3/4/15 Jenene Ravesloot feature, and
the 3/4/15 poetry open mic

the 2/18/15 Jackie Wolk feature, and
the 2/18/15 poetry open mic

the 2/4/15 Joffre Stewart feature,
the 2/4/15 Dan Weinberg feature, and
the 2/4/15
poetry open mic and Joffre Stewart and Dan Weinberg features

the 1/7/15 the poetry open mic and Patrick Hurley feature

Cag Gallery logo Gallery Cabaret, 2014

the 12/17/14 the feature by Jeff Helgeson with Dave Gecic,
and the 12/17/14 poetry open mic

the 12/3/14 the feature by Michael Hoag,
the 12/3/14 the feature by Dalice Malice,
and the 12/3/14 poetry open mic

the 11/19/14 the feature by Kottyn Campbell,
and the 11/19/14 poetry open mic

the 10/8/14 the feature by Pam Miller,
the 10/8/14 Lucia Blin
and the 10/8/14 poetry open mic

the 10/7/14 bonus HA!Man of South Africa improvisatioon show

the 9/24/14 the feature by Buddha 309,
and the 9/24/14 poetry open mic

the 9/10/14 the feature by Bob Lawrence and Bill Yarrow,
and the 9/10/14 poetry open mic

the 8/27/14 the feature by AQ,
the 8/27/14 the feature by Esteban Colon (and the Goods),
and the 8/27/14 poetry open mic and both features from AQ and Esteban Colon (and the Goods)

the 8/13/14 the dress rehearsal by Jeff Helgeson,
the 8/13/14 the feature by Bob Rashkow,
and the 8/13/14 poetry open mic and Bob Rashkow feature

the 7/30/14 the feature by Lynn West,
and the 7/30/14 poetry open mic

the 7/16/14 the feature by Jerry Pendergast,
and the 7/16/14 poetry open mic

the 7/2/14 the feature by Dan Cleary,
and the 7/2/14 poetry open mic

the 6/18/14 the feature by Janet Kuypers,
and the 6/18/14 poetry open mic

the 6/4/14 the feature by Eric Esden,
and the 6/4/14 poetry open mic

the 5/21/14 the feature by Virginia Hunt,
the 5/21/14 the feature by Roberta Miles,
and the 5/21/14 poetry open mic

the 5/7/14 the feature by Oz Hardwick,
the 5/7/14 the feature by Robin Fine,
and the 5/7/14 poetry open mic

the 4/23/14 the feature by Oroki Rice
and the 4/23/14 poetry open mic

the 4/9/14 the feature by Sid Yiddish
and the 4/9/14 poetry open mic

the 3/26/14 the feature by Jenene Ravesloot
and the 3/26/14 poetry open mic

the 3/12/14 the feature by Tom Roby
and the 3/12/14 poetry open mic

the 2/26/14 the feature by Elizabeth Marino
and the 2/26/14 poetry open mic

the 2/12/14 the feature by Marianne Schaefer
and the 2/12/14 poetry open mic

the 1/29/14 the feature by Wayn Allen Jones
and the 1/29/14 poetry open mic

the 1/15/14 the feature by Patrick Hurley
and the 1/15/14 poetry open mic

Cag Gallery logo Gallery Cabaret, 2013

the 12/18/13 the feature by Deborah Rosen
and the 12/18/13 poetry open mic AND Deborah Rosen feature

the 12/4/13 the feature by Michael Hoag
and the 12/4/13 poetry open mic AND Michael Hoag feature

the 11/20/13 the feature by “Poetry” himself
and the 11/20/13 mini-feature open mic AND “Poetry” feature

the 11/6/13 the Bill Yarrow feature
and the 11/6/13 open mic

the 10/30/13 the Cousin Bones feature
and the 10/30/13 open mic

the 10/16/13 the Dave Gecicfeature
and the 10/16/13 open mic

the 9/25/13 open mic part 1 and part 2

the 9/18/13 Eric Esden feature and the open mic

the 9/11/13 Dalice Malice feature and the open mic

the 9/4/13 Don Hargraves feature and the open mic

the 8/28/13 Bob Lawrence feature and the open mic

the 8/14/13 Sid Yiddish feature and the open mic

the 7/31/13 Lucia Blinn feature and the open mic

the 7/24/13 Buddha309 and Janet Kuypers feature

the 7/17/13 Bob Rashkow feature

the 6/26/13 Dan Cleary feature open mic

the 6/19/13 Esteban Colon feature and the open mic

the 6/12/13 Andy Karol feature and the open mic

the 6/5/13 Robin Fine feature and the open mic

the 5/29/13 G.P.A. (the poetic unsub) feature and the open mic

the 5/22/13 Cathleen Schandelmeier-Bartels feature nd the open mic

the 5/8/13 Charlie Newman feature and the open mic

the 4/24/13 Andrea Shoup feature and the open mic

the 4/10/13 10 minute mini-feature night

the 3/27/13 Tom Roby feature and the open mic

the 3/13/13 Jenene Ravesloot feature and the open mic

the 2/27/13 Virginia Hunt feature and the open mic

on 2/13/13, 4 mini-features
Annabelle Echo, Joffrey Stewart, Paul Ryan and Janet Kuypers

the 2/13/13 poetry open mic and 2 mini-features
Eric Esden and Patrick Hurley

the 1/30/13 Jeff Helgeson feature and the open mic

the 1/16/13 Patrick Hurley feature and the open mic

the 1/2/13 Mini-Feature poetry open mic night

Cag Gallery logo Gallery Cabaret, 2012

the 12/5/12 Michael Hoag feature and an open mic

the 11/21/12 Janet Kuypers feature and an open mic

the 11/7/12 Patrick Hurley feature and an open mic

the 10/31/12 Cousin Bones “goes Cabaret” music Feature and an open mic

the 10/24/12 Dave Gecic feature and an open mic

the 10/10/12 Elizabeth Jacobson feature and an open mic

the 10/3/12 Francois Le Roux / HA!Man of South Africa feature and the later show Janet with HA!

the 9/26/12 Al DeGenova feature and an open mic

the 9/12/12 Jackie Wolk feature and an open mic

the 8/29/12 Bob Lawrence feature and an open mic

the 8/15/12 Robin Fine feature and an open mic

the 8/1/12 Charlie Newman feature and an open mic

the 7/18/12 Lucia Blinn feature and an open mic

the 7/4/12 Dan Cleary feature and an open mic

the 6/20/12 Jim Davis feature and an open mic

the 6/6/12 Buddha 309 feature and an open mic

the 5/23/12 Bob Rashkow feature and an open mic

the 5/9/12 Oz Hardwick feature

the 4/25/12 GPA (the poetic unsub) feature

the 4/11/12 Ned Haggard feature and an open mic

the 3/28/12 Tom Roby feature and an open mic

the 3/14/12 Jenene Ravesloot feature

the 2/29/12 Sid Yiddish feature and an open mic

the 2/15/12 Jason Covelli feature and an open mic

the 2/1/12 Vittorio Carli feature and an open mic

the 1/18/12 (very full) poetry open mike
with poetry from Tom Roby, Dave Gecic, Jenene Ravesloot, Charlie Newman, Bruce Matteson,
Vittorio (Vito) Carli, the walk-in poet Ching A Head, Jeff Helgeson, Sid Yiddish and Janet Kuypers

(Kuypers readnig cc&d magazine poetry, Down in the Dirt magazine poetry, her own poetry and a poem by side-kick Bob Rashkow)

the Cafe the Café 2011

the 12/18/11 Jeff Helgeson mini-feature
with poetry from memory, and reflections on Café Aloha and the Café

the 12/11/11 Elizabeth Jacobson feature

the 12/04/11 Charlotte Hart feature

the 11/27/11 Tom Roby & Jenene Ravesloot feature

the 11/20/11 Janet Kuypers feature “hmmm”

the 11/13/11 Andrea Witzke Slot feature

the 11/01/11 Pamela Miller feature

the 10/18/11 Esteban Colon feature

on 10/04/11 Chicago Calling at the Café (with a huge film!)

the 09/13/11 Rochelle Holt feature

on 09/06/11 Four mini-features
Chi-Vas White, GPA (the poetic unsub), Steven Skovensky & Janet Kuypers

the 08/30/11 Dave Gecic feature

the 08/23/11 Bob Lawrence Feature
added bonus: The Janet Kuypers reading of the short prose Prom ‘97 — or Doing Things Right

the 08/16/11 Wayne Allen Jones (expanded mini) Feature
added bonus: The Janet Kuypers reading of the short story Gabriel

the 08/09/11 Ashley S.C. Walls feature

the 08/02/11 Bill Yarrow feature

the 07/05/11 Charlie Newman feature

on 07/19/11 Astronomy 101 on mini-feature night

on 07/12/11 Seven mini-features
Martin Altman, Michael Hoag, Bill Yarrow, Ice Gayle - visiting from New York, Don Hargraves, Ashley S.C. Walls & Janet Kuypers

the 07/05/11 Kevin Blanchard feature

the 06/28/11 Lucia Blinn feature

the 06/21/11 Jessica Helen Lopez, Zachary Kluckman
and Katrina Guarascio
Three poets fron New Mexico in a traveling poetry tour

on 06/14/11 EIGHT mini-features
Bob Rashkow, Tom Roby, Charlie Newman, Jenene Ravesloot, Bab Lawrence, Maureen Flannery, Ice Gayle & Janet Kuypers

the 06/07/11 Cathleen Schandelmeier feature

the 05/24/11 Wayne Allen Jones feature

the 05/24/11 Jim Davis feature

see theJanet Kuypers Features from 05/17/11 mini-feature night

the 05/10/11 Oz Hardwick feature

the 05/03/11 Maureen Flannery feature

the 04/26/11 Martin Altman feature

the 04/19/11 GPA (the Poetic Unsub) feature

the 04/12/11 Larry O. Dean feature

the 04/05/11 Deborah Rosen feature

the 03/29/11 Jenene Ravesloot feature

the 03/22/11 Tom Roby feature

the 03/15/11 Dan Cleary feature and open mic

the 03/08/11 Buddha309 feature and open mic

the 03/01/11 Raúl Niño feature and open mic

the 02/15/11 Michael Hoag feature nd open mic

the 02/15/11 Jackie Wolk feature and open mic

the 02/08/11 Ned Haggard feature and open mic

the 01/25/11 Maxwell Baumbach feature and open mic

the 01/18/11 Jeff Helgeson feature and open mic

the 01/11/11 Vittorio (Vito) Carli feature

the Cafe the Café 2010

the 12/21/10 Group Feature
where attendees at the Café read other wrters who frequent the Café

the 12/14/10 GPA (the Poetic Unsub) feature

the 12/07/10 Judith Wiker Feature
Videos were pulled from the 2010 Judith Wiker Feature - look for her 2011 feature...

the 11/30/10 Bob Rashkow feature

the 11/23/10 poetry from Janet Kuypers (with 2 Michael Hoag readings)

the 11/16/10 John Amen feature

the 11/09/10 Robin Fine feature

the 11/02/10 Charlie Newman, Jenene Ravesloot and Tom Roby Group Feature

the 10/26/10 Dave Gecic feature

the 10/19/10 Ned Haggard feature

the 10/12/10 Dina Stuart feature

the 10/05/10 Pamela Miller feature

the 08/10/10 Michael Bernstein feature

the 08/03/10 Cousin Bones feature

the 07/20/10 Esteban Colon feature

the 07/13/10 Nicole A.M. Collins feature

the 07/06/10 Lucia Blinn feature

the 06/29/10 Kristy Bowen feature

the 06/22/10 Janet Kuypers feature

the 06/15/10 Wayne Allen Jones feature

the 06/08/10 David Breeden feature

the 06/01/10 Cathleen Schandelmeier feature

the 05/18/10 Charlie Newman feature

the 05/11/10 Bob Lawrence feature

the 05/04/10 Gregorio Gomez feature

the 04/27/10 Wendy Barker feature

the 04/20/10 Maureen Flannery feature

the 04/06/10 Buddha 309 feature

the 04/06/10 Oren Wagner feature
(Steve Henn not recorded)

the 03/30/10 Sid Yiddish feature

the 03/23/10 Tom Roby feature

the 03/16/10 Jenene Ravesloot feature

03/09/10 Nepal’s Yuyutsu R. D. Sharma poetry readings

the 03/02/10 Tom Curry feature

the 02/23/10 Larry Janowski feature

the 02/16/10 Al DeGenova feature

the 02/09/10 Kate Cullan feature

the 02/02/10 Luis Valadez feature

the 01/19/10 John Goode feature

the 01/12/10 Vittorio Carli feature

Over a number of 2010 weeks at the Café,
enjoy acoustic songs
dedicated to Warren Peterson
(from Mom’s Favorite Vase) in

a hundred Milton Berles Fly Away

(with links for info on ALS
& the Chicago-area ALS Walk4Life

the Cafe the Café 2003-2009

12/15/09 readings from C Ra McGuirt
(of Penny Dreadful Press)

the 06/19/07 Cathleen Schandelmeier feature

the 09/19/06 Jared Smith feature

the 04/12/05 Danny Boy (Daniel McKeever) feature

the 5/18/04 Kate Cullan feature

the 04/27/04 Maureen Flannery feature

the 04/13/04 Nina Corwin feature

Janet Kuypers recordings & show listing 2003-present

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There is also a 3 CD set of performances from J. Kuypers at the Café, collected into this release. This 3 CD set of live poerformances are included in Live at the Café includes not only recordings from 2003, 2004 and 2005, but it also contains recordings of two performance art shows — A Night of Firsts from 06/22/04, and Stripped from 06/07/05. Bonus tracks in this 3 CD set even include live recordings from Coffee Chicago, Molly Malone’s, and even recordings from the Chicago Poetry Fest on both years, 2004 and 2005! You can order a copy of this all original music and poetry for only $12.95 by sending an e-mail to Scars Publications.

Real Music Guide
Rolling Stone
JB Hi-Fi
Live at the Café - 3 disc set

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